In Hot Water: Water Management Strategies to Weather the Effects of Global Warming

A valuable resource for U.S. water managers, this report provides a full range of recommendations to consider when incorporating climate change into current agency planning and management activities. Strategies are organized into four categories: Evaluate the Vulnerability of Water, Develop Response Strategies to Reduce Future Impacts of Global Warming, Prevent Future Impacts by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Increase Awareness of Global Warming and Water Impacts. A discussion on Integrated Regional Water Management Planning is also included.

The report also summarizes climate-related impacts on water management in the western U.S., including water supply, flood management, water quality, aquatic ecosystems, and hydropower. It discusses the relationship between water and energy, and highlights efforts by western water agencies and managers to incorporate climate change into current water management efforts.

Publication Date: July 2007

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  • Barry Nelson
  • Monty Schmitt
  • Ronnie Cohen
  • Noushin Ketabi
  • Robert Wilkinson
  • Theo Spencer

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  • Planning guides


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