Infrastructure 2010: Investment Imperative

This report addresses water challenges in the United States and abroad, emphasizing the need to invest in infrastructure development to improve water, sewer, and power systems. Building on extensive research, interviews, and data collection, Infrastructure 2010 reviews the specific water issues and concerns confronting 14 metropolitan areas throughout the country. The fourth in an annual series produced by the Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young, this report describes the need to treat infrastructure as an investment by developing a targeted, long-term, and integrated national infrastructure strategy.

Using graphs, maps, and matrices, the report examines the economic benefits of investing in infrastructure, global trends in infrastructure, and strategies for funding infrastructure projects. The report explores approaches of 16 countries to diverse infrastructure challenges. Infrastructure challenges addressed include aging pipes, failure to conserve, contamination threats, and the difficult issue of effective water management.

The report describes the need to allocate water supplies in response to expected increasing water demand due to population growth and climate change. Some of the proposed approaches include repairing outmoded systems, developing collaborative regional strategies, implementing conservation, applying better land use techniques, and using innovative recycling technologies.

The report also details the issues facing water systems in 14 metropolitan areas in the U.S., focusing on cities that are representative of regional water challenges. These studies use information from interviews and meetings with leaders and water managers, in-depth reviews of regional water data, and surveys of water-related news. 





Publication Date: 2010

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  • Jonathan D. Miller

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  • Assessment
  • Policy analysis/recommendations


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