Integrative Collaboration on Climate and Energy (ICCE)

Launched by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in the spring of 2009, ICCE is a cross-university program creating relevant linkages across disciplines to advance basic and applied climate change research. With FAU as the lead institution, ICCE includes more than 80 faculty members in a multitude of climate change-related disciplines. Other University collaborators include University of South Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Columbia University.

ICCE employs an overall strategy to achieve the goals of climate change adaptation and mitigation through an emphasis on stakeholder education and outreach. Goals of the ICCE include:

  • The use of the extensive knowledge base of ICCE members, partners and networks to develop unique interdisciplinary teams to advance basic and applied climate change research, linking science, social science and policy.
  • The practical application of research conclusions by gathering, distilling and disseminating information about current and potential climate change impacts on south Florida and mitigation and adaptation priorities.
  • Education and outreach activities for kindergarten through university educational levels, decision-makers and the business community.

ICCE indicates that they intend to develop strong inter-disciplinary teams to facilitate the transfer of technical climate information to regional policy-makers, planners, engineers and the public in an adaptive management framework. They also indicate that global climate model predictions will be scaled to regional models to develop climate scenarios for South Florida. Output from these local models will be used to develop "Landscape Adaptation Scenarios" by a team of urban planners, engineers, economists, educators, political scientists, and natural resource managers.

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