ITEP Tribes and Climate Change Program

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) Tribes and Climate Change Program provides support to tribes that are preparing for and currently contending with climate change including resources to develop climate change adaptation strategies. Development of the program is guided by an advisory committee that includes tribal environmental and natural resource professionals who are actively working on climate change issues. The program's online portal provides information on climate change impacts, adaptation planning, research, policy, guides and other educational tools, with a focus on the climate effects upon, and proactive involvement of, Native American tribes.  ITEP also offers in-person and web-based trainings and technical assistance to build climate change adaptation planning capacity among tribes.

The website provides basic climate-change information for various sectors such as agriculture, forests, and public health. Detailed profiles of tribes in diverse regions of the U.S., including Alaska, are presented with their specific climate change impacts by region as well as their respective mitigation and adaptation projects to date. Audio files of elders discussing the issue from traditional perspectives are also available.

The website's “Tools and Resources” section contains a variety of resources, including:

  • Resources Database (ORCA): a database that contains new articles, videos,audio recordings, planning guidebooks, reports, and other resources relevant to tribes and climate resilience
  • Funding Programs: a regularly updated list of funding opportunities for climate adaptation efforts that are available to tribes
  • Tribal Climate Change Newsletter: a monthly email newsletter containing updates on tribal climate adaptation resources
  • Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Planning Toolkit: a compilation of templates and other tools created by ITEP to assist tribes
  • Tribal Climate Change Factsheets: brief fact sheets developed by ITEP to provide information about climate change and adaptation methods

ITEP also offers training sessions, webinars, and events to for tribal environmental professionals, the details of which can be found in the “Training and Events” section of their website.


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