King County, Washington Ordinance 17270 requiring strategic climate change action plan

Ordinance 17270 required the King County executive to develop a strategic climate action plan by June 29, 2012, and subsequent plans thereafter, that establish both mitigation and adaptation actions for the county.

The Ordinance directs the strategic climate action plan to include the following:

  1. the identification of specific objectives, strategies and priority actions for reducing emissions and mitigating climate impacts. The list of strategies shall be sufficiently detailed to provide clear guidance on how King County can directly affect the outcomes of reducing emissions and addressing the impact of climatic change in King County;
  2. related strategies, program activities and targets from the 2010 Energy Plan adopted by Motion 13368, given the highly dependent relationship of reductions in climate pollution of both energy efficiency improvements and the strategic climate action plan; and
  3. performance measures and related targets for both operational emissions and implementation of priority strategies that advance the strategic climate action plan.

Subsequently, the executive was to submit an update to the strategic climate action plan by June 29, 2015. Updates after 2015 will occur at least every five years, “unless more frequent updates are needed to respond to changing information about emissions sources, performance relative to targets, new technologies, or a changing regulatory context.”

King County’s first Strategic Climate Action Plan in 2012 established environmental sustainability as one of the county's eight goals, and includes an objective to reduce climate pollution and prepare for the effects of climate change on the environment, human health and the economy. This plan was updated in 2015.

Ordinance 17270 also requires the executive to submit by June 30 of each year a report on the county's major environmental sustainability programs intended to reduce energy use, climate emissions and resource use. 

This annual report is to address the following about the county’s climate change program:

  1. The greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for both county government operations and the county as a whole and actions to reduce operational and community scale greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Specific climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, performance measures and targets
  3. All expenses associated with the climate change program
  4. A cost-benefit analysis of the program


Publication Date: February 28, 2012

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