Maine Climate Adaptation Toolkit

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) launched a Climate Adaptation Toolkit, an online reference library focused on resources for adaptation and resiliency planning in the state. Available on the DEP’s website, the toolkit provides links to key state, federal, and other climate related documents, climate models, data sources, and technical providers, to assist with adaptation work in Maine.

The Toolkit includes links to Climate Trends & Data, and Adaptation Actions which offers a history of Maine's adaptation measures, links to climate focused groups and activities in Maine, as well as a few case studies of adaptation in Maine and the region.  

The Toolkit is organized by the categories of Natural Environment, Built Environment, and People and Communities. Resources of each category can be explored by the following topics: 

Natural Environment

  • Resources for the Natural Environment
  • Working Landscapes: Agriculture & Working Forests
  • Ecosystems, Habitat, Wildlife, Open Spaces
  • Marine Resources & Fisheries

Built Environment: Critical Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Resources for Built Infrastructure
  • Energy & Communication
  • Transportation
  • Drinking Water, Wastewater Utilities, and Stormwater

People & Communities

  • Resources for People & Communities
  • Buildings & Homes
  • Community Planning
  • Public Health & Services
  • Social Vulnerability


Publication Date: October 26, 2015

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