Maryland Executive Order 01.01.2007.07

Signed in 2007 by Governor O'Malley, this Executive Order established a Climate Change Commission to advise the Governor on matters related to climate change, and tasked the Commission to develop a climate change "Plan of Action" to prepare for climate impacts on Maryland. The Order creates an Adaptation and Response Working Group to develop a Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Maryland's Climate Change Vulnerability, to include recommended strategies for reducing the vulnerability of the State's coastal, natural and cultural resources and communities to the impacts of climate change, with an initial focus on sea level rise and coastal hazards (e.g., shore erosion, coastal flooding). Additional provisions address efforts required to support local governments to identify their capacity to plan for and adapt to sea level rise, and to identify specific measures to adapt to sea level rise and increasing coastal hazards.

The Commission has been required to report annually to the Governor and General Assembly on the Plan of Action, including "an update on development of the Plan of Action, implementation timetables and benchmarks, and preliminary recommendations, including draft legislation , if any, for consideration by the General Assembly."

Publication Date: April 20, 2007

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