Metropolitan East Coast Regional Assessment: Risk Increase to Infrastructure Due to Sea Level Rise

A sub-set of the "2000 Metropolitan East Coast Assessment" from Columbia University, this report provides an assessment of the risks to transportation infrastructure from sea-level rise in the tri-state area surrounding New York City (encompassing parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).

The report first establishes the risks transportation infrastructure currently faces, and then identifies those areas that will potentially be affected by climate change in the future. The report also details the economic impact of sea-level rise based on the present value of assets that could be affected.

The report also briefly describes short- and long-term adaptation strategies.  Generic options for mitigating against the increased coastal storm surge hazards and risks to the MEC's infrastructure (and to other built assets) essentially fall into two categories: protective engineered solutions and those based on land use changes. These adaptation solutions are described as: Short-term "Protective" Measures Using Local Engineering, Regional Mega-Engineering, and Long-term Remedy-Changed Land Use. 

Publication Date: 2000

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  • Klaus H. Jacob
  • Noah Edelblum
  • Jonathan Arnold

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  • Metropolitan East Coast Assessment
  • Columbia University


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  • Assessment

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