Michigan Climate and Health Adaptation Program Strategic Plan Update: 2016-2021

In 2011, the Michigan Department of Community Health released their first strategic adaptation plan for 2010-2015, providing the foundation for moving climate and health adaptation planning forward in Michigan. The Strategic Plan Update retains the original plan’s goals, tracks progress, and offers new strategies for the 2016-2021 period. The Michigan Climate and Health Adaptation Program (MICHAP) will be cooperating in CDC’s Climate and Health Adaptation and Monitoring Program (CHAMP), and strategies have been updated according to the CHAMP requirements. The Plan Update will implement community-level interventions against the priority climate related health impacts of extreme heat effects, respiratory conditions, and waterborne diseases - with a focus on Michigan’s most vulnerable people and places.

MICHAP has monitored the magnitude and distribution of these climate related health impacts in Michigan, identified key vulnerabilities, and characterized the current and projected changes in climate across Michigan. The program then conducted a statewide vulnerability assessment by mapping the distribution of the socioeconomic and biophysical indicators of priority health risks identified.

From the assessment process, this plan was developed to provide potential interventions and adaptations for the priority climate related health impacts. For each of the priority impacts of heat illness, respiratory problems, and water-borne disease, this report provides

  • a list of the most vulnerable people and places to be affected,
  • key partner organizations to support adaptation, and
  • potential interventions and adaptations.

“Interventions and adaptations” are strategies described in the report to address the health impact, categorized by: Education and inclusion, Landscape actions, Policy, and  Surveillance and Tracking.


Publication Date: August 31, 2016

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