National Park Service Climate Change Action Plan 2012 - 2014

The National Park Service (NPS) Climate Change Action Plan provides guidance to help park managers and staff electively plan for and respond to current and future climate change effects on national park lands. Following on the Climate Change Response Strategy, released in 2010, the Action Plan articulates a set of high priority no-regrets actions the NPS is undertaking, or was committed to undertake, by 2014. 

The Plan is divided into three sections:

Section I: Context for Action - identifies federal and NPS-specic guidelines that direct and support implementation of climate change science, adaptation, mitigation, and communication actions.

Section II: Identifying Near-Term Priorities - outlines criteria for immediate actions needed to to incorporate climate change considerations into all aspects of NPS operations. Table 1 displays high-priority actions, grouped according to eight emphasis areas, together with identification of the NPS programs responsible for the actions and how the actions are relevant to parks.

The eight emphasis areas for NPS climate change action are:

  • Enhance Workforce Climate Literacy
  • Engage Youth and Their Families
  • Develop Effective Planning Frameworks and Guidance
  • Provide Climate Change Science to Parks
  • Implement the Green Parks Plan
  • Foster Robust Partnerships
  • Apply Appropriate Adaptation Tools and Options
  • Strengthen Communication


Section III: Preparing for New Challenges and Opportunities - describes how park and program managers might consider additional actions in anticipation of future conditions.




Publication Date: November 2012

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