National Sea Grant Resilience Toolkit

The National Sea Grant Resilience Toolkit is a public access site with hundreds of resources from Sea Grant institutions and partnerships. These resources or tools are primarily short reports on coastal resilience best practices and projects conducted through Sea Grant programs. The “Tools” available on the site include: Decision Support Tools, Technical Assistance, Guides and Manuals, Training, Communities of Practice, Data and Assessments, and Legal Services.  “Legal Services” has sectoral legal information and reviews of common law tools from Sea Grant partners. 

Toolkit Topics to select from include:

  • Coastal Economy
  • Planning and Coastal Intelligence
  • Climate and Hazard Adaptation
  • Water Resources
  • Natural Infrastructure

Over 100 resources fall under the “Climate and Hazard Adaptation” topic - which includes links to coastal impact assessments, legal reviews, workshop summaries, and more. 

The Toolkit highlights “Resilience in Action” with reviews of coastal community resilience projects conducted under various Sea Grant collaborations.  For example the project entitled “Community Resilience: Dune restoration offers hope for more resilient New England coastal communities” describes a New Hampshire Sea Grant program engaging over 1000 community members to restore native sand dunes.   

NOAA’s National Sea Grant Program is a network of 33 Sea Grant sub-programs in the coastal U.S. States and territories that work to “enhance the practical use and conservation of coastal, marine and Great Lakes resources in order to create a sustainable economy and environment” through research, extension and education activities.


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