New Hampshire Ecosystems and Wildlife Climate Change Adaptation Plan

This 2013 Adaptation Plan from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHFG) is an amendment to New Hampshire’s 2005 Wildlife Action Plan (WAP), which even then acknowledged climate change as a primary challenge for the state’s ecosystems and wildlife.

The plan was developed through a series of vulnerability assessments of critical habitat, and by establishing a broad set of strategies to address those vulnerabilities. Habitats were chosen based on the original classification in the 2005 WAP, and modified to incorporate an additional Northeast habitat classification system (including both the terrestrial/wetland and aquatic components), resulting in list of 24 habitat types. The results of every vulnerability assessment by habitat type are included in this report.  

Overarching strategies that apply to all habitats or to the larger habitat groups are listed in the "Conservation Strategies" section with a number of actionable, related recommendations. 

Strategies addressing the needs of particular habitat types are given for each Habitat Assessment. Every assessment is summarized and includes: a habitat overview, a discussion of major vulnerabilities, related wildlife vulnerabilities, and general and specific strategies to address these concerns. 

Some individual wildlife species directly affected by climate change are discussed in the report as well. While all wildlife is affected by climate change through impacts to their habitat, a few species are additionally directly susceptible to either climate stressors, or interacting organisms that have responded to these stressors. Species discussed in the report are: moose, Canada lynx, American marten, long-tailed weasel, ermine, snow shoe hare, brook trout and other cold water fish.   

This plan also reviews both specific actions and components of actions that were identified in the New Hampshire Climate Action Plan (2009) including two sections: 'Ecosystems and Wildlife Climate Adaptation Plan for the State of New Hampshire,' and mechanisms under 'Strengthen Protection of New Hampshire’s Natural Systems.' The ability to address these needs through the WAP fortifies the actions recommended under both plans.

Publication Date: October 2013

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