New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program

The New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program has been established to provide additional rebuilding and revitalization assistance to communities severely damaged by Hurricanes Sandy and Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. To facilitate community resilience and redevelopment planning, the State has allocated $25 million for planning in the most affected areas. Those successfully completing a recovery plan will be eligible to receive funds to support the implementation of projects and activities identified in the plans.

Replicate New York State's efforts to encourage resilience during reconstruction at the local level. 

Through the Community Reconstruction Program, New York State will assist communities to rebuild better and safer community-driven plans that consider current damage, future threats to assets, and the community’s economic future. In keeping with the National Disaster Recovery Framework, the plans will consider the needs, risks, and opportunities related to assets in the following categories of recovery support functions: Community Planning and Capacity Building, Economic Development, Health and Social Services, Housing, Infrastructure, and Natural and Cultural Resources.

Many NYRCR communities developed projects to specifically address the long-term resiliency needs of frontline communities. Examples of such projects can be found in the NY Rising Plans from Greater Bay Shore, Blooming Grove, Fulton and Blenheim, Wallkill, and the East Bronx Waterfront, among others. Projects include emergency preparedness education, communication and evacuation strategies, coordination of community-based organizations, and resiliency improvements for critical community buildings and facilities.


Each NY Rising Community has a Planning Committee that includes, among others, a representative from the County, Town or Village, elected legislative representatives, local residents, and leaders of other organizations and businesses in the community. The Planning Committee will take the lead in developing the content of the plan.

Planning experts from the Department of State and Department of Transportation have been assigned to each community to provide assistance to the community and help oversee the planning consultants.

The planning process includes:

• Public Engagement
• Asset Inventory
• Risk Assessment
• Needs and Opportunities Assessment
• Strategies for Investment and Action
• Implementation Schedule

For more information on the Program, please see the affiliated resource entry “Guidance for New York Rising Community Reconstruction Plans” in this clearinghouse. 


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