New York State Climate Action Plan Interim Report

Executive Order 24 signed by Governor Patterson in August 2009 created the New York Climate Action Council and charged it with creating a Climate Action Plan. This 428 page Interim Report was released in November 2010, indicating the teams are still moving forward on the final plan. Chapter 11 covers the work effort of the Adaptation Technical Working Groups in 8 sectors: Agriculture, Coastal Zones, Ecosystems, Energy, Public Health, Transportation, Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure, and Water.  Each sector discusses the related climate impacts and provides planning recommendations. For each primary recommendation, potential costs, timing considerations, co-benefits and unintended consequences and environmental justice considerations are discussed.

After detailed economic and feasibility analysis, a second stage of state climate planning will refine the Interim Report's list of possible state policy options.

Publication Date: 2010

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  • Adaptation plan
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