New York State Climate Smart Community Coordinators

Beginning in 2021, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) initiated the New York State Climate Leadership Coordinator Services. In 2022, the program name was updated to  Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Coordinators. The program is a $3.5-million initiative to select relevant organizations to serve as contractors to provide technical assistance to local municipalities on climate change adaptation and mitigation projects. Selected contractors will work in one of three territories in New York 一 Western, Eastern, and Downstate territories 一 and will help local governments and communities with “outreach, education, planning, capacity-building, and assistance with project implementation.” This initiative will help the state of New York adapt to present and future climate change impacts and reach greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements. 

As part of the New York State’s Climate Smart Communities Program, the Climate Leadership Coordinators program is financed through the State's Environmental Protection Fund. 

In June 2021, the NYS DEC’s Office of Climate Change closed the request for proposals from qualified organizations to serve as Climate Leadership Coordinators. Additional lessons and examples from the Climate Leadership program will be available once the first-round of coordinators are selected and the program is implemented.

Publication Date: May 2021

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