NOAA 20th Century Reanalysis (V2)

Developed by NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) Physical Sciences Division, the 20th Century Reanalysis contains objectively-analyzed 4-dimensional weather maps and their uncertainty for most of the 1900s.

The 20th Century Reanalysis are subdivided into separate files. The map data has been accrued 4-times daily, Daily and Monthly for: Pressure Level, Single Level, and Subsurface data.

The analysis is performed with the Ensemble Filter as described in Compo et al. (2010) based on the method of Whitaker and Hamill (2002). The fields containing the mean and the spread (i.e., standard deviation) of the analysis ensemble are archived here. Observations of surface pressure and sea level pressure from the International Surface Pressure Databank station component version 2 (Yin et al. 2008), ICOADS (Woodruff et al. 2009), and the International Best Track Archive for Climatic Stewardship (IBTrACS, Kruk et al. 2010) were assimilated every six hours. The surface pressure observations have been made available through international cooperation facilitated by the Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) initiative and working groups of the Global Climate Observing System and World Climate Research Programme. The short-term forecast ensemble is generated in parallel from 56 9-hour integrations of a state-of-the-art atmospheric general circulation model, a 2008 updated experimental version of the atmospheric component of NCEP's operational Climate Forecast System model (Saha et al. 2006).

NOAA's ESRL Physical Sciences Division conducts weather and climate research to observe and understand Earth's physical environment, and to improve weather and climate predictions on global-to-local scales. The Division's mission is to address physical science questions of short- and long-term societal and policy relevance within NOAA's Climate and Weather and Water Goals, while conducting the physical process research necessary so that ESRL can help provide the nation with a seamless suite of information and forecast products ranging from short-term weather forecasts to longer-term climate forecasts and assessments.


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Publication Date: 2012

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