NOAA Climate and Societal Interactions Program

NOAA's Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) funding program provides leadership and support for research, assessments, and climate services development activities that bring interdisciplinary science to bear on climate-sensitive resource management and adaptation challenges in key sectors and regions.

This resource was featured in the December 14, 2017, ASAP Newsletter.

ASAP wrote: "The mission of the NOAA Climate and Societal Interactions (CSI) research portfolio is to inform improvements in planning and preparedness in diverse socio-economic regions and sectors throughout the U.S. and abroad."

The overarching goals of the CSI program are the following: 

1) identification and articulation of user-community requirements in multiple sectors, initially with regard to water resources and the coastal zone but also branching to related sectors;

2) research and development of innovative and broadly applicable approaches to support decision making, especially for risk characterization, both through a broad network of regionally scoped, long-term efforts and stakeholder-specific efforts; and

3) promotion of the transfer of knowledge, tools, and products across climate service development efforts (within NOAA, across the federal government, nationally, and internationally).

CSI funding programs cover the following areas:

Regions - primarily funds the NOAA RISAs (Regional Integrated Science and Assessments which are individually listed under Organizations).

Water - funds the NOAA NIDIS program (National Integrated Drought Information System), in addition to interdisciplinary teams of researchers and decision makers (over a limited time span)  where projects advance decision making by reducing explicit vulnerabilities to climate variability and change. See the website for current open proposals.

Coasts -  funds projects designed to respond to the climate-related information needs of a specific group of coastal managers, planners, or decision-makers and the public. Like Water, it funds interdisciplinary teams of researchers and
decision makers over a limited time span, but the projects advance decision
making by reducing explicit vulnerabilities to climate variability and change in coastal areas. It supports initiatives to assist coastal managers that are coping with impacts of sea-­level rise within the U.S. through research, tool development, and decision support.

Transitions - funds initiatives that demonstrate effective processes for the transition of information products from all sectors.

See the site for open proposals.

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