NOAA Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

The Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper is an online mapping tool to view flooding hazards potential for the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Hawaiian coastal communities in the U.S. The mapper was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to promote adaptation planning around coastal flood hazard risks and associated vulnerabilities.

Visualize people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flood hazards. Share maps to communicate with stakeholders.  

The mapper provides existing national data that are available down to the coastal neighborhood level. At any given location the user can query which coastal flood hazards may impact that spot. The maps incorporate a number of hazard layers to choose from including: Shallow Coastal Flooding, FEMA Flood Zones, Storm Surge Scenarios, Sea Level Rise Scenarios, and the Flood Hazard Composite.

The coastal maps available show flood hazards, or different aspects of community exposure to those flood hazards, including the choice of focus on: Flood Hazards, Societal Exposure, Infrastructure Exposure, and Ecosystem Exposure.

The Societal Exposure section of the tool includes the mapping layer choices of: Population Density, Poverty, Elderly, Employees, and Projected Population Growth. One or more of these layers can be selected and viewed simultaneously for a mapped locale. This section of the tool is meant to help identify communities that merit special attention to reduce vulnerability. 


Each flood hazard map type have additional layers of relative data to choose from. The tool also aggregates risk information for multiple coastal flood hazards. For example, the societal exposure map shows the gradient of coastal flood risk that ranges from areas outside the FEMA 1% annual chance floodplain that are still at risk from high magnitude, low frequency events like major landfalling hurricanes, to areas nearer the coast that are also at risk from lower frequency flood events, wave impacts, and long-term sea level change.

Sea level rise and shallow coastal flooding data from the NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer are included in the mapper. The Sea Level Rise Viewer, in comparison, is focused specifically on sea level rise, shallow coastal flooding, and marsh impacts.


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Publication Date: 2015

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