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Developed and maintained by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the Climate-Smart Conservation website is a rich resource for conservation practitioners learning to incorporate the consideration of climate change into their existing practices. This site contains principles for adaptation and guidance materials for conducting vulnerability assessments and for incorporating climate change into wildlife action plans and on-the-ground conservation programs. NWF "climate-smart" conservation projects and case studies are highlighted. 

This resource was featured in the June 20, 2014, ASAP Newsletter.

"Climate-Smart Conservation: 

1) Act with intentionality
2) Manage for change, not just persistence
3) Reconsider goals, not just strategies
4) Integrate adaptation into existing work

These are just four of the key themes from this report by the National Wildlife Federation and seven federal agencies on how to put adaptation principles into practice in conservation.

In addition to housing Climate-Smart Conservation resources, the Global Warming section of the NWF website details the impact of climate change on many focal species and habitat types, including waterfowl, coldwater fish, coastal wetlands, coral reefs, and forests. Fact sheets for all 50 states are also available, which synthesize the impacts of climate change on wildlife in each state, with proposed energy solutions.

NWF's Climate-Smart Communities program is described on their website as well.  The program helps cities and towns use nature-based approaches to prepare themselves for the impacts of climate change in ways that support people, wildlife, and habitats. (See additional entry in this clearinghouse.)


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