Oregon Shores Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Project

The Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCCAP) is a program of the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition. Oregon Shores is dedicated to preserving the natural communities, ecosystems and landscapes of the Oregon coast while conserving the public's access. The coalition pursues these ends through education, advocacy, and engaging citizens to keep watch over and defend the Oregon coast.

The CCCAP operates under the following considerations:

1) Climate change impacts vary by location, driving the need for local planning.
2) Oregon communities have local planning tools, and Oregon Shores can play a catalyzing role by initiating grass roots organization in coastal communities.
3) Long-term strategy will require widespread collaboration and a willingness to plan ahead despite some uncertainty. 

In order to initiate the local planning process of the CCCAP, Oregon Shores will guide the first steps in the community-initiated planning process in Lincoln County. The primary goals of the project are aimed at broad public education, improving the network of interested citizens, and initiating a model for planning that will aid adaptation over the long-term.

In the first year of the CCCAP, the dedicated volunteer network helped to develop the public education materials and draft an ordinance specific to local adaptive needs. The Lincoln County project is intended to act as a pilot program, leading to similar work for each of Oregon’s coastal communities.

For more information on Oregon Shores' adaptive planning priorities, contact Phillip Johnson, (503) 754-9303, phillip@oregonshores.org.

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