Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment Website:

The Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA) website provides information and resources about climate change in Hawai'i and the U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands, including tools, reports, case studies, and fact sheets.

Resources and news on the site are focused on the Pacific Islands including: American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Hawai’i, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Palau.

Content can also be found under the following topics:

  • Freshwater & Drought
  • Coastal Infrastructure
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems
  • Ocean & Coastal Ecosystems
  • Communities & Cultures

From the PIRCA report Climate Change and the Pacific Islands: Indicators and Impacts:

“The Pacific Islands region is spread across millions of square miles of the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian archipelago and the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands include more than 2,000 islands with about 1.9 million inhabitants, representing numerous languages and cultures. These islands attract millions of tourists every year and support a large US military presence. The region includes diverse terrestrial and marine ecosystems, ranging from mountainous alpine environments to abyssal environments deep under the ocean. The islands and surrounding ocean are home to some of the most pristine habitat in the world and possess tremendous biodiversity. They are thus of immeasurable value to all people.”


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  • Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA)


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