Pennsylvania Climate Impact Assessment - 2013 Update

This climate impact assessment from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) identifies current and anticipated climate change impacts for Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania's DEP is required to assess climate impacts every three years under the state's 2008 Climate Change Act. The first PA Climate Impact Assessment was released in 2009, and the next one was due in the spring of 2012 but was ultimately released in early October 2013. This report was prepared by the Pennsylvania State University’s Environment and Natural Resources Institute, using improved climate models, and includes updates on the state’s climate vulnerabilities.

Impacts of climate change in Pennsylvania were assessed on climate sensitive sectors including agriculture, ecosystems and fisheries, forests, energy, outdoor recreation and tourism, human health, water and insurance and the general economy in 2009. The 2013 assessment includes updates for all the sectors considered in the previous report except insurance and the general economy. 

The report begins with Pennsylvania’s climate futures, which is considered foundational information for the entire report. It then presents the individual sector assessments. Each sector is extensively reviewed with in-depth impact analysis, suggested adaptation strategies, and further information needs. For example, the public health assessment addresses air quality and health impacts, extreme weather events, vector-borne disease, water and air-borne disease. For each of the health risks identified, adaptation strategies to minimize climate impacts are given for reducing exposure to the risk and for increasing access to and quality of medical care after exposure.

Publication Date: October 2013

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  • Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)
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