Ready for Change: Preparing Public Health Agencies for the Impacts of Climate Change

This manual and a corresponding training program were developed to provide tools and resources to address the need for climate preparedness in the public health sector.

The manual provides guidance on how to prioritize and implement operational changes in public agencies to prepare employees and communities for climate change. Resources are included that support building capacity and vulnerability assessments. 

The manual offers strategies that are arranged around specific threats including: extreme heat, disease patterns, water, food, air quality, and mental health. For each of these threat categories, actions are described that can be implemented immediately and at low cost, as well as those that may need long-term planning and budget allocations. Methods for estimating the capacity needed to implement the recommended action, and the costs associated with such actions, are included as well.

The guide includes a section on effective framing and communication with co-workers and constituents, to further enable the successful implementation of the climate preparedness strategies.

This project is a component of the Climate Master and Climate Preparedness programs of the Climate Leadership Initiative

Publication Date: May 2010

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