Ready or Not: An Evaluation of State Climate and Water Preparedness Planning

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has evaluated how each state in the U.S. is preparing for water related climate impacts, and shares the results in this comprehensive report.  The findings differentiate the best prepared and most engaged states on climate change preparedness issues from those that are largely unprepared and "lagging behind."

This report provides a detailed state-by-state assessment that specifically focuses on how each state governments are planning and preparing for the water related impacts of climate change, based on the preparedness actions of state government entities. All 50 states have been defined in the Adaptation/ Preparedness ranked categories of: Comprehensive Adaptation Plan, Fragmented Adaptation Activities, Limited Adaptation Activities, or No Adaptation Planning - in a table of climate change actions by state.

A summary chart of potential climate change impacts within each state is included - describing: Increased Annual Precipitation, Decreased Annual Precipitation, Water Supply Challenges, More Frequent and Intense Storm Events, Increased Flooding, Sea Level Rise, Increased Erosion, Saltwater Intrusion, and Aquatic/Marine Species Impacts.

Every state is given its own section in the report with details of the state's water resources background, current and anticipated climate impacts on water resources, a review of greenhouse gas reduction measures, and existing state adaptation planning efforts. Brief recommendations for State and Federal Government are provided as well. 

Information on the projected climate change impacts for each state was gathered from a variety of sources, including peer-reviewed scientific journals, federal and state government studies and publications, and reports from research institutions and non-governmental organizations. Where state-specific studies or reports were not available, data from the regional climate impacts section of the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s 2009 National Climate Assessment, in addition to any other available regional reports or studies, were utilized.


Publication Date: April 2012

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  • Ben Chou
  • Jenna Schroeder

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