Regional Adaptation Collaborative Toolkit

From the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA), the Regional Collaborative Toolkit provides a framework for forming a regional adaptation network; guidance for structuring a regional collaborative; and insights into effective governance mechanisms for engaging local, regional, state, and national stakeholders in adoption of new collaborative relationships.

To develop the Toolkit, ARCCA collected supporting resources, case studies, best practices, and templates. The toolkit was also informed by conversations with outside stakeholders including Green Cities California, the Institute for Sustainable Communities, and the Georgetown Climate Center

The Toolkit elements are organized by the steps involved in developing a regional collaborative for adaptation. Each element of the Toolkit consists of background information and general guidance, along with links to various related resources.

The Toolkit’s 13 step process, along with supportive resources, are organized as follows:

Part 1: Get Started

  • Identify overall need and gaps in existing resources through initial talks with key stakeholders
  • Get buy-in from key leaders and agencies to form initial work group
  • Set boundaries for the effort

Part 2: Get Organized

  • Identify detailed needs of collaborative members
  • Develop governance structure
  • Craft basic communications strategy
  • Secure initial funding
  • Engage and build partnerships with the state & federal agencies
  • Engage and build partnerships with local universities

Part 3: Get Moving

  • Develop initial work plan including timeline
  • Conduct early stage activities to work on that will show progress and build trust

Part 4: Get It Right

  • Setup process feedback mechanisms to communicate outcomes to stakeholders
  • Establish monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for your region

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  • July 17, 2018
    Jessica Grannis, Coastal Resilience Director at National Audubon Society

    Great resource to help local governments develop collaboratives to support adaptation work at the regional level, with step by step instructions for how to get started and get organized.


  • March 26, 2018
    Jessica Grannis, Coastal Resilience Director at National Audubon Society

    This toolkit provides resources to help local governments work on climate adaptation at the regional scale. Great place to help policymakers ramp up work with their neighbors on the challenges of preparing for the impacts of climate change.