Regional Impacts of Climate Change: Four Case Studies in the United States

This report presents four case studies of climate change impacts in different regions of the country: The Heat is On: Climate Change & Heatwaves in the Midwest; The Importance of Climate Change for Future Wildfire Scenarios in the Western United States; Gulf Coast Wetland Sustainability in a Changing Climate; and Ramifications of Climate Change for Chesapeake Bay Hypoxia (also in the clearinghouse as individual entries). Each case study focuses on a specific type of impact of particular concern to a U.S. region, but is not unique to that region. Each study also considers non-climatic factors, such as the development and management of practices that are likely to interact with climate change. With this report, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change (now C2ES) endeavors to provide not just useful information about particular impacts in particular regions, but also a more general perspective on the types of challenges decision makers across the U.S. will face in developing sustainable responses to varied climate impacts.

Publication Date: December 2007

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  • Kristie L. Ebi
  • Gerald A. Meehl
  • Dominique Bachelet
  • Robert R. Twilley
  • Donald F. Boesch

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  • Assessment
  • Case study

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