Resilience Roadmap - A Collaborative Approach to Multi-Jurisdictional Planning

From the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the Resilience Roadmap is an online tool offering guidance on the step-by-step process of multi-jurisdictional resiliency planning for critical infrastructure. The tool is designed for local, state, federal, and non-governmental representatives involved in regional adaptation planning and strategy development. Three major steps are identified:

  1. Intergovernmental Preparation and Coordination  
  2. Planning and Strategy Development
  3. Plan Adoption, Implementation, and Evaluation

Each step is broken down into three sub-steps that guide the user from initial stakeholder convening and identification of critical infrastructure (eg. buildings, roadways, waterways, electric grid, water treatment facilities); through hazard assessment, resilience planning, and strategy development; and finally to implementation, funding, and evaluation. 

The Roadmap includes worksheets to aid planning activities and links to resources that can provide further or more detailed guidance for each primary activity in every step.


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