San Francisco Estuary Partnership's Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan

The San Francisco Estuary Partnership/ Project’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) is a collaboratively produced, consensus-based agreement about what should be done to protect and restore the Estuary. It serves as a roadmap for restoring the Estuary’s chemical, physical, and biological health. This 2007 CCMP updates the 1993 CCMP, which was based on input from the broad stakeholder community - including more than one hundred representatives from federal and state agencies, local governments, environmental groups, business and industry, academia, and the pubic.

The 2007 CCMP identifies concerns that affect CCMP implementation, including climate change - acknowledged in the plan as a significant threat to ecosystem health and public safety. Some of the anticipated climate impacts described include sea level rise - which may result in saltwater intrusion into the Delta, changes in timing and flows of rivers and streams flowing into the Estuary, and damage to restored wetlands and marshes. These impacts may degrade drinking water quality and affect the viability of fisheries, while presenting even greater challenges for the preservation of already endangered species.

The plan is organized by nine program areas with their mission statements, goals, and actions delineated. The program areas include: Aquatic Resources, Wildlife, Wetlands Management, Water Use, Pollution Prevention and Reduction, Dredging and Waterway Modification, Land Use and Watershed Management, Public Involvement and Education, and Research and Monitoring. Detailed goals and specific affiliated actions for each program area are presented. For each suggested action the plan includes information on what agencies will be involved, the purpose and scope of the action, the timeline and estimated costs of implementation, uncertainties in the sector, and actionable performance measures. 

The CCMP was mandated under a reauthorization of the Clean Water Act in 1987, and Congress has directed that it be implemented. However, many of the actions suggested in the CCMP will require regulatory or policy initiatives to ensure implementation. Meanwhile, according to the Partnership, securing the necessary funding for acquisition, restoration, and other projects is an ongoing challenge.

Publication Date: 2007

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