Seattle, Washington Equity and Environment Agenda

The City of Seattle, Washington released an Equity and Environment Agenda in 2016 - a plan that lays out policy goals and strategies for addressing race and social justice in environmental programs and ensuring benefits are shared by all residents equally.

The Agenda identifies four main goal areas including:

  • Healthy environments for all
  • Jobs, local economies and youth pathways
  • Equity in City environmental programs
  • Environmental narrative and community leadership

The Agenda was developed by the Community Partners Steering Committee (CPSC), which then Mayor Ed Murray had convened a year prior with the launch of the Equity and Environment Initiative on Earth Day 2015. The CPSC was directed to develop an the agenda in order to identify ways to address racial injustice and create opportunities for priority communities to lead in Seattle's environmental movement. To inform the development of the Agenda, the CPSC hosted a broad community engagement process, holding conversations with communities of color, youth, low-income, immigrant, refugee, small businesses, faith-based, limited English proficiency, and mainstream environmental communities.

Along with the release of the Agenda, Seattle also announced near-term equity and environment actions, including a resolution to City Council to formally adopt the Agenda's four goal areas as priorities for all city departments. Additionally, the city plans to establish an Environmental Justice Steering Committee to build on existing leadership programs and support communities of color shaping environmental issues.


Publication Date: April 22, 2016

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