SECURE Water Act Section 9503-Reclamation Climate Change and Water 2011

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation developed this report in response to the SECURE Water Act of 2009 - outlining climate change impacts on water basins in the Southwestern U.S. The report provides comprehensive assessments of risk across each of Reclamation's major eight basins and summarizes hydrologic changes that would take place in response to projected climate change.

The report first provides basin-specific discussions of each major Reclamation basin identified within the SECURE Water Act including the basin setting, basin specific coordination, historical climate, historical hydrology, projected future climate and hydrology, and implications for various water and environmental resources. The report also integrates the basin-specific findings to provide a west-wide perspective on projected climate and hydrologic changes. 

Section 10 of the report describes Reclamation’s coordination with USGS, NOAA, USDA, State water resource agencies, and others on activities to ensure water resources management of the U.S. is sustainable.

Publication Date: April 2011

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