Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan

The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact was executed by Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties in January 2010 to coordinate mitigation and adaptation activities across county lines in the region. The Compact is a focused collaborative, providing the vision and framework for regional resilience. The Compact calls for the Counties to work cooperatively in order to develop a coordinated response to proposed state climate legislation and policies; to create a Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Action Plan to include mitigation and adaptation strategies; and to meet annually in Regional Climate Summits to mark progress and identify emerging issues.

The Compact’s Action Plan provides a regional framework for mitigation and adaptation measures to prepare for the impacts of climate change on Southeast Florida. The plan makes over 100 “actionable” recommendations in seven goal areas, to be accomplished over the next five years. The categories include: Sustainable Communities and Transportation Planning; Water Supply, Management and Infrastructure; Risk Reduction and Emergency Management; Energy and Fuel; Natural Systems; Agriculture; and Outreach and Public Policy. 

Many of the recommendations in the plan build upon existing best practices throughout the region, while some are calling for the integration of climate change into planning and decision making processes in ways that no local government has yet implemented.

The regional scale of the Compact has enabled the development of resilience strategies that effectively integrate both human and natural systems. The Action Plan has connected resilience efforts within the urban core of Southeast Florida with broader ecosystem scale efforts including comprehensive Everglades restoration, protection of the Southeast Florida coral reef tract, and regionally important threatened and endangered species and habitats. The strategies developed to enhance environmental and habitat quality regard the collective benefits these strategies will have for the ongoing livability of the region.

Supporting documents, including an Implementation Guide for the Plan, are provided on the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact website at:


Publication Date: October 2012

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