Southeastern Connecticut Regional Resilience Guidebook

This guidebook summarizes the main points of agreement from a dialogue between fifty professionals who met in the fall of 2016 to describe the top challenges and potential solutions that could promote regional resilience in Southeastern Connecticut. The challenges and solutions are organized by sector – including water, food, ecosystems, transportation, energy, the economy, and cross-sector issues and solutions. In addition, the guidebook provides an overview of the geologic context of the region and sample projects that showcase design options at the neighborhood, municipal, and multi-municipal scale. The report concludes that collaborative approaches across multiple towns, organizations, and associations are best suited to addressing the challenges in the region. For a more detailed account of the solutions and challenges, see the companion vision document

The guidebook is meant to be a quick reference resource to help shape and inform regional actions. The challenges and solutions presented are not explored in detail. Instead, the guide provides simple lists of issues and strategies. For example, the transportation section lists the following challenges:

  • Flood vulnerability to critical transportation centers such as New London
  • Primary arterial roads are vulnerable to flooding, tree falls, and ice impacts
  • Unreliable emergency transportation for transit-dependent communities to shelters and employment centers
  • Aging infrastructure including roads, rail, and bridges

And the following solutions:

  • Prioritize state and local funding for infrastructure improvements that contribute to overall community resilience
  • Collaborate on largest regional transportation vulnerabilities and share planning, engineering, and monetary resources across municipalities to enhance regional resilience
  • Integrate green infrastructure and natural assets into transportation upgrades and retrofits through design standards and codes
  • Establish mutual aid agreements with nearby urban centers (Hartford, Worcester) to reduce risk to transit-dependent residents during emergencies


Publication Date: 2017

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