The Future is Now: an Update on Climate Change Science Impacts and Response Options for California

The purpose of this report is to highlight climatic changes that have already occurred and impacts that are happening in Califormia now, affecting public health, natural systems, and the economy. Chapter 3 provides evidence attributing past and current observations of climate change to direct human causes, such as emissions of greenhouse gases. Chapter 4 examines California’s climate under different emissions scenarios, including a scenario of drastically reduced emissions, and summarizes the most current scientific understanding of the influence of future climate change on California’s economy and ecosystems.

Written prior to the release of the California Climate Adaptation Strategy (see separate entry), Chapter 5 provides support for a rapid two?pronged response to climate that encompasses both mitigation and adaptation. There is also a useful comparison of a Hazards-based approach and a Vulnerability-based approach to adaptation in this chapter.

Publication Date: May 2009

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  • Susanne C. Moser
  • Guido Franco
  • Sarah Pittiglio
  • Wendy Chou
  • Dan Cayan

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  • Assessment

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