The Implications of Climate Change on Water

This document summarizes some of the key messages from the 2009 United Nations World Water Development Report, outlining the relationships between climate change and water resources, and the potential climate impacts on the availability of water and the control of water extremes. 

The brief describes how climate change makes water management more difficult, increasing the sources of variability in water quantity and quality. The scientific basis for such claims is described, touching on the intensification, acceleration, and enhancement of the global water cycle. The report reviews what this implies for different water services, water resource management, water-related hazards, data collection and monitoring, education, awareness, capacity building, and other necessary responses.

Recommendations are given on how to adapt water resource management to climate change within several sectors of water management including: drinking water supply, agriculture, urban, water-related hazards, and public health. Information for adaptation decision making, planning, and financing is included. The paper also emphasizes the need for increased education, training, capacity building, and transboundary cooperation for climate adaptation. 





Publication Date: 2010

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  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


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  • Assessment


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