The London Rivers Action Plan

This Action Plan outlines restoration opportunities for non-tidal freshwater tributaries to the Thames River in and around the City of London, England. It addresses the issues of flood risk management, adaptation to climate change, urban renewal, and conservation to sustain local waterways.

The main goal of the Plan is to provide a forum for identifying stretches of river that can be brought back to life. The Plan has been developed to advance London's river restoration strategies, and is intended to be used by community groups, local businesses, planners, and developers.

The Plan outlines five key aspirations for river restoration:

  1. Improve flood management using more natural processes
  2. Reduce the likely negative impacts of climate change
  3. Reconnect people to the natural environment through urban regeneration
  4. Gain better access for recreation and improved well-being
  5. Enhance habitats for wildlife

The Plan describes strategies to build climate change adaptation into river restoration projects and the associated benefits, including:

  • Better flood management
  • Improving habitats and corridors for river wildlife
  • Ensuring that urban development recognizes that rivers and associated green spaces are an important part of urban regeneration




Publication Date: January 2009

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  • River Restoration Centre


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