Tribal Climate Resilience Resource Guide

The Tribal Climate Resilience Resource Guide was prepared by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Climate Resilience Program. The toolbox provides a portal to find resources related to both Tribes and/or climate change in a single, consistent format across agencies, regions, Tribes, and groups. The links available on the website also include a user manual and training videos. 

The virtual toolkit organizes resources within eight topics: Agencies, Regions, Tribes, Youth, Funding, Training, Planning, or Traditional Knowledges (TKs) / Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

TEK recognizes that - when working with Tribal Nations, federal and academic projects and partners are often enriched by the deeply integrated understanding of the relationships among all living things that indigenous people have honed since time immemorial. This may lead to breakthroughs in adaptation through keen natural observations, unique perceptions, and a focus on harmonious ways.

Each Agency Fact Sheet lists resources, tools and cases from Climate Resilient Tribal Nations that the agency developed with tribes, as well as funding, training, services, and products that support either tribes and/or climate preparedness.

Region Fact Sheets are organized similarly to Agency Fact Sheets, but they also link to federal agency regional support, and local climate support groups. Regional tribal and climate resilience resources can also be accessed from interactive maps. 

Planning Resources include links to tribal climate adaptation plans, topical tribal examples, links to specific agency programs and support, and a focus on six strategies with references to National Climate Assessment recommendations and applicable tools. For specific needs, use the feedback form to request resource assistance, data, maps, or models.

Funding Resources  provides an example of a few federal funding options organized by strategy, but more specific programs can be found on each agency fact sheet.

Youth Topics include climate groups to join, student funding, climate curriculum, climate programs, examples, research tools, and college-ready support tools.

Publication Date: April 1, 2016

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