U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap

On February 7, 2013 35 federal agencies released their third annual Sustainability Plans, which for the first time included Climate Change Adaptation Plans to help federal agencies reach climate change resilience goals.

President Obama signed Executive Order 13514 on October 5, 2009, which requires each federal agency to issue an SSPP, setting new sustainability standards for operations, and to improve their environmental, energy and economic performance. Under this E.O. and the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Implementing Instructions, agencies are required to submit a Climate Adaptation Plan for implementation in 2013.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Roadmap demonstrates a long-range planning effort to frame, analyze, and adapt to the potential impacts of climate change across homeland security missions. The initial focus areas of the Roadmap include Departmental cross cutting adaptation activities, resilient critical infrastructure and key resources, resilience to disasters, and the Arctic.  

There are 42 actions contained in the CCA Roadmap, which are policy, planning, and decision support activities the Department should consider and execute as resources allow, yet are not requirements for implementation. The Roadmap provides validation for these CCA activities, allowing them to compete for attention, prioritization, and resourcing within the Department’s established business processes. Where appropriate, they are intended to integrate within existing programs, assessments, performance metrics and other business functions.

The actions included in the Roadmap address four strategic objectives:

1. Manage climate risks for cross-cutting or other key homeland security issues.

2. Protect and ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure and key resources to potential impacts of climate change.

3. Ensure the Nation’s resilience to more frequent or extreme weather events and natural disasters.

4. Contribute to safety, stability, security and environmental protection in the Arctic.

The CCA Executive Steering Committee, the governing body established to oversee DHS’s climate change adaptation effort, is charged with developing and maintaining the CCA Roadmap.





Publication Date: June 2012

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