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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Responses to Climate Change Program (RCC) addresses the need to reduce potential vulnerabilities to the Nation’s water resources and infrastructure from climate change and variability. The program assesses, develops, and implements adjustments to enhance resilience or reduce vulnerability of USACE projects, systems and programs to observed or expected changes in climate. The Program website shares news and information about program activities as well as the potential impacts of climate change, interagency efforts, strategies for dealing with climate change and more.

The site links to information on general RRC progress on coastal, ecosystem, hydrologic, and glacial adaptation programs. Many reports, assessments and other resources are available from the USACE for: 

- Hydrology to Support Adaptation

- Regional Climate Impact Assessments

- Sea-Level Change Adaptation

- Vulnerability Assessments and Reporting

USACE works with other agencies to develop the science and engineering research on climate change information into the actionable basis for adapting to climate change impacts. Some of these Climate Change Adaptation activities are linked on the site (from the Adaptation tab on the sidebar) - including:

  • Coastal Risk Reduction and Resilience
  • Application of Flood Risk Reduction Standard for Sandy Rebuilding Projects
  • Complex Systems Approach to Global Change
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Projects with Respect to Sea-Level Change
  • Update Drought Contingency Plans
  • Update Reservoir Sediment Information


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