Wisconsin's Strategy for Reducing Global Warming

Wisconsin's Global Warming Task Force was created by Governor Jim Doyle, pursuant to Executive Order 191, on April 5, 2007. The Task Force was assigned to develop this strategy to assess and inventory Wisconsin's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and set emission reduction goals. The Report proposes over 50 actionable policy recommendations in the utility, transportation, agriculture and forestry, and industry sectors, including a proposed federal or regional GHG Cap and Trade Program, to achieve these goals. Additionally, the Task Force recommends substantial increases in federal and state research and development for GHG reduction technologies and climate change adaptation.

Many of the Task Force’s recommendations identify ways to grow the state’s economy and create new jobs arising from the opportunities created by addressing climate change. Careful attention also has been paid to mitigating the potential costs of the recommended policies on consumers and Wisconsin’s industrial base.

The Task Force recommends a unique design for the Cap and Trade Program during a transition period to mitigate what may be substantial initial costs for regulated utilities and their customers and large industry as a result of uncertain GHG emission allowance prices, particularly while low-carbon technologies are under development. The recommendation supports distribution of a substantial majority of allowances during the transition at a fixed per ton fee, rather than at no cost, to industry and utilities to keep the initial price of allowances affordable while simultaneously providing substantial funding, when combined with revenues from the auctioning of remaining allowances, for a variety of other GHG reduction programs, as well as climate change adaptation strategies.





Publication Date: July 2008

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