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The Urban Heat Island, Photochemical Smog, and Chicago: Local Features of the Problem and Solution


This project identifies the effect that surface modifications have on the urban heat island phenomenon and related ozone problems in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois.

Authors or Affiliated Users: Kimberly A. Gray, Mary E. Finster

Resource Category: Solutions


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Heat Related Illness Prevention (Training)

The goal of this web-based training course is to reinforce awareness of heat-related illness in order to promote the development and implementation of school guidelines, including an emergency plan by coaches, athletic trainers, students, school nurses, parents and teachers.   After completing the course, users should be able to: define heat-related illness; identify the three main types of heat-related illness; identify the symptoms, or warning signs, for each type of heat-related illness; describe treatment options for each type of heat-related illness, including return-to-play considerations; and describe steps to prevent heat-related illness.

Resource Category: Education and Outreach


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Heat Island Effect Portal

This website provides information on the heat island effect, its impacts, and the strategies that communities can take to reduce urban temperatures. Look under the "Where You Live" section to see specific strategies and initiatives implemented by states and localities. Strategies fall into four primary categories: cool roofs, cool pavement, green roofs, and urban landscaping. Initiatives are specific policy mechanisms, such as building codes, comprehensive plans, demonstration projects, incentives, landscape ordinances, state implementation plans, and zoning codes.

Resource Category: Adaptation Websites


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