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Marshes on the Move: A Manager’s Guide to Understanding and Using Model Results Depicting Potential Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Wetlands

October 2011

“Marshes on the Move”, from the NOAA Coastal Services Center (CSC) and the Nature Conservancy, is a 24 page report that provides a basic understanding of the parameters and uncertainties involved in modeling the future impacts of sea level rise on coastal wetlands.

Authors or Affiliated Users: Roger Fuller (Co-Lead), Zach Ferdaña, Adam Whelchel, Nancy Cofer-Shabica (Co-Lead), Nate Herold, Keil Schmid, Brian Smith, Doug Marcy, Dave Eslinger

Resource Category: Data and tools


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Gulf of Mexico Climate Change Adaptation Inventory

June 24, 2011

The Climate Change Adaptation Inventory is a compilation of climate adaptation activities and research initiatives taking place at the federal, state, and local levels in communities adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. The inventory focuses specifically on those projects and efforts that address climate change or sea level rise. Research activities captured by the inventory are limited to those projects that have applications to coastal communities, particularly planning and development, land management, and socioeconomic initiatives.

Resource Category: Solutions


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Maryland Coastal Adaptation Report Card 2021

January 21, 2022

On January 21, 2022, the Maryland Commission on Climate Change’s Adaptation and Resiliency Work Group in collaboration with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Integration and Application Network (UMCES-IAN) released the 2021 Maryland Coastal Adaptation Report Card. Informed by stakeholder engagement, the Coastal Adaptation Report Card “gives a snapshot of the current adaptation status in Maryland’s coastal zone, and establishes a framework for measuring future progress.

Resource Category: Assessments


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