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Climate Change Tree Atlas

October 26, 2010

The Climate Change Tree Atlas helps determine current and future suitable habitat and distribution of 134 tree species in the Eastern United States based on current climate and projected suitable habitat for the year 2100. The Atlas provides detailed information on environmental characteristics defining these distributions for each species, and can be used to develop large-scale projections of species responses to climate change. By taking current distributions of tree habitat in the U. S.

Resource Category: Education and Outreach


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Coastal Inundation Toolkit

The Coastal Inundation Toolkit was developed by the Digital Coast Partnership Group to help communities understand and address coastal inundation issues - where water covers what is normally dry land. Information and resources are organized into 5 stages: understanding coastal inundation, identifying community risks and vulnerabilities, creating inundation maps, communicating risks and vulnerability, and discovering what others are doing to address inundation. For each of these 5 areas, explanations and guidance are provided with links to the specific resources available from Digital Coast to support that specific step in the process, making this a user-friendly way to support assessments and planning for sea level rise and extreme weather events.

Resource Category: Data and tools


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NOAA Office for Coastal Management

The Office for Coastal Management (OCM) is tasked with implementing the Coastal Zone Management Act. OCM activities include working with states and territories to conserve and protect coral reefs, operating a system of National Estuarine Research Reserves, and developing a system of marine protected areas.