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Minnesota GreenStep Cities

June 2010

GreenStep Cities is a state-wide voluntary program for Minnesota cities to assist in implementing sustainable best management practices. Managed by a public-private partnership, this free continuous improvement program provides technical assistance and recognition for cities that adopt best practices in sustainability and resilience.   The GreenStep program identifies 29 best practices that cities can adopt to plan for climate impacts, increase energy efficiency and green and resilient buildings, foster green businesses and jobs, among other practices.

Related Organizations: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Resource Category: Solutions


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Urban Heat Island Mitigation Can Improve New York City’s Environment: Research on the Impacts of Mitigation Strategies

October 2008

Green “living” roofs and “cool” highly reflective roofs are building technologies that may offer solutions to mitigate the problems of the urban heat island effect.   Focusing on why these particular techniques may be incorporated into strategies for urban heat island mitigation, this paper reviews research assessing their environmental impacts, and discusses the effects of these "smart" rooftops on ambient air temperatures, energy use, and air quality.

Related Organizations: Sustainable South Bronx

Authors or Affiliated Users: Joyce Klein Rosenthal, Rob Crauderuff, Majora Carter

Resource Category: Solutions


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