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Climate Literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science - A Guide for Individuals and Communities

March 2009

From the U. S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), "The Essential Principles of Climate Science" presents important introductory information about the Earth's climate, impacts of climate change, and approaches for adapting and mitigating change. This climate science literacy guide identifies the essential principles and fundamental concepts for individuals and communities to understand the Earth’s climate system. It intends to improve the ability to make informed decisions about activities that increase vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, and to take the steps to reduce those vulnerabilities.

Related Organizations: U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP)

Resource Category: Education and Outreach


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Building Coast-Smart Communities

Building Coast-Smart Communities is a role play product developed by the state of Maryland and funded by NOAA. It was used by the state in a summit, attended by more than 170 mayors, county commissions, environmentalists, business leaders and Maryland state officials, to discuss the State's climate change adaptation options. The half day role play quickly introduces people to the challenges faced by coastal communities and the primary options for addressing them. As such, local government authorities, planning departments, chambers of commerce, civic groups and residents associations can conduct this role play in their communities.

Related Organizations: Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Chesapeake and Coastal Program, Consensus Building Institute (CBI)

Resource Category: Education and Outreach


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Rising Waters: Helping Hudson River Communities Adapt to Climate Change Scenario Planning 2010-2030, Final Report


The Rising Waters project aims to strengthen the preparedness and adaptive capacity of the Hudson River Estuary Watershed to meet the impacts of future climate change. To help local communities of the Hudson Valley to prepare for climate impacts, the Rising Waters project used scenario planning methodologies to educate participants on important aspects of complicated problems and build a shared conceptual framework for dialogue leading to potential solutions. The report overviews the key climate risks for the region, and describes the multi-stakeholder convening process, scenario planning, and resiliency framework development.

Related Organizations: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Resource Category: Planning


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