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Rising Waters: Helping Hudson River Communities Adapt to Climate Change Scenario Planning 2010-2030, Final Report


The Rising Waters project aims to strengthen the preparedness and adaptive capacity of the Hudson River Estuary Watershed to meet the impacts of future climate change. To help local communities of the Hudson Valley to prepare for climate impacts, the Rising Waters project used scenario planning methodologies to educate participants on important aspects of complicated problems and build a shared conceptual framework for dialogue leading to potential solutions. The report overviews the key climate risks for the region, and describes the multi-stakeholder convening process, scenario planning, and resiliency framework development.

Related Organizations: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Resource Category: Planning


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Climate Change and Agriculture, Including Aquaculture and Fisheries, in New Jersey

January 2016

The Rutgers Climate Institute put together this fact sheet to provide a brief and accessible summary of the impacts of climate change on agriculture in New Jersey, which includes climate effects that will impact crops, livestock, aquaculture, and fisheries. It explores the primary climate change risks to agriculture and fisheries in the state, and provides short summaries on how these sectors can both adapt to climate risks and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Related Organizations: Rutgers University, U.S. Forest Service (USFS)

Resource Category: Planning


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Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Focal Resources of the Sierra Nevada, California

February 2014

In collaboration with the U. S. Forest Service and California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CA LCC), EcoAdapt has identified a suite of priority climate change adaptation strategies for focal ecosystems and wildlife species of the Sierra Nevada region of California including: Alpine and Subalpine Systems, Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs, Yellow Pine/Mixed Conifer Systems, Red Fir Systems and Marten, Wet Meadows and Fens, and Oak Woodlands. After a vulnerability assessment process, draft implementation plans were developed for each of the focal resources, incorporating the priority adaptation actions.

Related Organizations: EcoAdapt, Department of the Interior (DOI): California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC)

Resource Category: Solutions


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