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  • Adaptation Equity Portal

    Adaptation Equity Portal

    Two of the biggest challenges facing the United States - and the world - are the growing inequalities that unfairly disadvantage large segments of the population, and climate change, which exacerbates existing risks in our communities. The effects of climate change including rising temperatures, more polluted air, and more frequent and intense extreme storms, will disproportionally affect already poor and disenfranchised people. Policymakers must find ways to focus not only on the physical impacts of climate change, but also on the ways that policies can have a differential impact on certain individuals and communities. In this portal we will refer to people facing disproportionate climate impacts as "frontline communities" since these are groups that are on the frontlines of impacts from climate change.

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  • Federal Adaptation Resources

    Federal Adaptation Resources

    Through this network, users can access the wealth of tools, data, and reports developed by federal agencies.  In order to maintain continued access to federal climate resources, the Georgetown Climate Center is collecting and archiving federal resources.  This network portal provides an easy way to continue to access and find these resources all in one place.  Resources presented here will either direct readers to archived links, or provide access to an archived link at the bottom of the resource summary.

    The Georgetown Climate Center team is busy adding more agencies and content to this list, so please submit resources that you think should be added to this network and check back soon to see additional resources. 

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  • Local Government Professionals

    Local Government Professionals

    The Local Government Professionals Portal is designed to help local officials in their efforts to prepare for the impacts of climate change. Users can find, rate, and share the adaptation resources that are aimed at and most useful to local government officials. It was developed in collaboration with the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) and features resources developed by USDN and its members.

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  • Regional Adaptation Collaboratives

    Regional Adaptation Collaboratives

    Local governments are increasingly coordinating regionally to prepare for the impacts of climate change through regional climate adaptation collaboratives.  This network was designed to support members of regional collaboratives that participate in our Regional Collaboratives Forum (RCF). Resources relevant to regional collaboratives that are shared during RCF calls will be featured in this network.  

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  • State Government Professionals

    State Government Professionals

    State action to prepare for climate change is essential for preparing the nation as a whole. This network provides state professionals access to resources specifically tailored for state decisionmakers. State climate adaptation leaders can find examples of innovative state policies, agency guidance, and sector specific tools.  State actors can also share key resources with one another by uploading resources to the site. 

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  • The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP)

    The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP)

    The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) Portal gives ASAP members a platform to access, share, and rate resources. ASAP members can use this portal to find the most up-to-date catalogue of featured resources, member projects, and reports on climate change adaptation. Members can also use this portal to rate resources, see what others in the ASAP network rate highly, and submit resources to share with others in the ASAP network. These ASAP network pages are tailored to serve the diverse, multidisciplinary group of adaptation professionals that are members of ASAP.

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