Better Assessment Science Integrating point & Non-point Sources (BASINS)

BASINS (Better Assessment Science Integrating point and Non-point Sources) is a multipurpose environmental analysis system designed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help regions, states, and local agencies develop cost-effective approaches to watershed management and environmental protection.

BASINS integrates a geographical information system, national watershed data, and state-of-the-art environmental assessment and modeling tools. BASINS also includes a Climate Assessment Tool (CAT) that allows users to explore the effects of climate change on streamflow and water quality. 

BASINS is a valuable tool for watershed and water quality-based analysis, including developing total maximum daily load (TMDL) allocations. BASINS runs on non-proprietary, open source, free geographic information system (GIS) software, making the tool universally available to anyone interested in the system. The EPA includes a series of lectures and exercises teaching users how to use BASINS on the website under the "user information and guidance" tab. 


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