Beyond Unintended Consequences: Adaptation for Gulf Coast Resiliency and Sustainability

“Beyond Unintended Consequences" is the final report of the America's WETLAND Foundation's Blue Ribbon Resilient Communities: Envisioning the Future of America's Energy Coast Initiative. The report offers 30 recommendations for adapting to the impacts of climate change to achieve resiliency and sustainability in the Gulf Coast region. 

In 2011, the America’s WETLAND Foundation announced its Resilient Communities Initiative to help Gulf Coast communities prepare for the growing threat posed by storms, rising sea levels, and man-made disasters. The report is based on research and testimony from a series of leadership forums convened by the Blue Ribbon campaign in 11 communities from Texas to Florida. More than 1,100 local leaders came together with a wider network of experts and stakeholders, and the input gathered over the course of this initiative has generated dozens of recommendations that are presented in this concise review. 

The recommendations for Gulf Coast resiliency and sustainability are summarized under four umbrella categories, which are to:

• Seek Urgent Federal Action – resolve conflicting federal policies and practices
• Deploy Multiple Lines of Offense – decrease regional vulnerabilities through cooperative action
• Allow Innovation and Enterprise to Flourish – support strategies to facilitate regional stewardship
• Revitalize Regional Strength and Pride – empower communities to practice self determination


Publication Date: 2012

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