California Climate Change Portal

The California Climate Change Portal is a virtual research and information website for climate change mitigation and adaptation resources and information pertinent to the state of California. Information from the California Energy Commission's Climate Change Program Office, the PIER Program's climate change research unit, and other state agencies is combined and represented through the portal,  including the impacts of climate change on California and the state's policies relating to global warming.

Specifically, the "Policies" section of the website provides access to state legislation, executive orders, and related information pertinent to mitigation and adaptation. Many useful items are available under the "Research" section, including modeling and monitoring resources, the CalAdapt tool, and state resource-specific assessments and studies for water, public health, agriculture and forestry. The "Adaptation" section focuses on the 2009 Adaptation Strategy, working group papers, and subsequent progress reports.

The website is operated by the California Energy Commission under the direction of the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal EPA) and with input from other state agencies.

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