Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)

The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) was founded by EcoAdapt and Island Press in July 2010, and is managed by EcoAdapt. It aims to build a shared knowledge base for managing natural and built systems in the face of rapid climate change.

CAKE helps users by:

  • Vetting and organizing the best available information;
  • Building a community through an interactive online platform;
  • Creating a directory of practitioners to share knowledge and strategies; and
  • Identifying and explaining data tools and information available from other sites.

The website consists of four linked components:

  1. Virtual Library
  2. Case Studies
  3. Directory
  4. Tools

The Case Studies Database has been developed by the leading thinkers at EcoAdapt (through their State of Adaptation Program) to provide quick access to information about on-the-ground climate change adaptation projects. Through interviews and surveys, EcoAdapt synthesizes how people are preparing for or responding to climate change. The information collected is compiled into case studies and shared through CAKE.

The site also houses community forums for the discussion of current adaptation issues.


Publication Date: 2010

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